The 9 Best Journals For Men Who Want To Win In Life (updated for 2024)

Journaling is one of the few practices proven to improve your life dramatically. 

So it’s no surprise that men want to pick up the habit.

Whether you’re trying to achieve a goal, reduce your blood pressure, or even improve your immune system, journaling will help.

I’ve explored many different journals and journaling practices throughout my quest for self-improvement. Each one has provided a different benefit and served its purpose. However, I can confidently say some journals are much better than others. 

So continue reading to find out which journals are best suited for men. 

Why should men journal?

Firstly, journaling has been proven to make your life better. A 2006 study exploring the psychological effects of journaling found compelling reasons to form the habit. People who journaled for two 15-minute sessions twice during the week significantly decreased their psychological symptoms. 

Cambridge University conducted a slightly different study on journaling and discovered that it improves mood, overall health, memory, and even sporting performance. 

If you’re a man on a mission to improve your life then you need to start journaling. 

My top pick journal for men

I’ve used almost all of the journals on this list at some point in my life. The one that’s had the most impact, without a doubt, is the Mind Journal. It’s a high-quality journal with a proven framework to improve your life. I struggled with direction when it came to journaling. 

Do I write my thoughts? What about my goals? Should I write about my gym session?

I honestly had no idea what to do. Without the direction in Mind Journal, I would’ve given up on the first session. 

The exercises are very detailed and force you to think deeply. I particularly like the daily mood tracker. Upon reflection, you can see how your mood starts to change. However, this is my personal favorite. It’s not to say the others aren’t great, or won’t be much better suited to you. I still believe the Thinkers Smart Notebook is a great option as well.

Here are the nine best journals for men

The journals below have been chosen based on how impactful they are for men. This means everything from the design, price, material, structure, and content has been considered. The contents of the journal have been given the most weight. A guided journal that’s scientifically backed is going to have more impact on your life than an empty free journal. 

You could easily go to Target and buy a $2 notebook and start dumping your thoughts. If this is all you’re after then more power to you. We also have that covered. However, much thought has been put into recommending journals that will impact your life significantly.  

1. Mind Journal

Mind Journal For Men

Mind Journal claims to be the number one journal for men. This is actually no surprise to me after ordering it and journaling each day. The goal of the Mind Journal is to support men throughout their life. 

Since launching in 2016, MindJournal has become a global movement to help guys feel happier and healthier. - Mind Journal

The exercises are well thought out and force you to think more deeply about each aspect of your life. Everything from your emotions, finances, body, and spirituality is explored. I highly recommend this to men who want to start journaling but lack direction.

Best suited for: Men who want to improve their mental health and learn more about themselves. Mind Journal is also great for beginners. 

Material: Grey ultra-soft vegan leather cover with 264 ruled 110gsm ivory pages.

Price: £35.00 GBP or ~$42 USD (ships internationally)

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2. Clear Habit Journal

clear habit journal

The Clear habit journal is by the famous author, James Clear. He’s the Author of Atomic Habits, one of the best books you could possibly read on habit formation. I came across his journal through a podcast on habits. The Journal is supposed to be a “notebook based on science”. This means the techniques you apply are proven to help you form, track and keep positive habits. 

Best suited for: Men who want to track and build positive habits. You’ll get the most out of this journal if you’ve also read Atomic Habits.

Material: Acid-free fine grain paper with elastic closure band.

Price: $26 USD

Get the Baronfig Clear Journal on Amazon.

3. Thinkers Smart Notebook

Thinkers Smart Notebook

The smart thinker's notebook is a high-quality and environment-friendly journal. One of the key features of this notebook that separates it from others is the smart iPhone app. The app allows advanced functionality to organize and explore your ideas.

Best suited for: Men who capture their thoughts in many different ways and can appreciate the use of an app. 

Material: 120 gsm paper with recycled bonded flexible leather cover.

Price: $29.95 USD

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4. Moleskine Classic Notebook (Black hardcover)

Moleskine Journal

Moleskine is a popular brand based in Milan, Italy. They’re viewed as the originals when it comes to classy journals and notebooks. Part of the reason they’re so popular (and slightly more expensive) is the paper they use. The ink is absorbed without bleeding which makes the journaling experience much better.

Best suited for: Men who want the flexibility to customize their journal and have free reign over what they write. Also great for those who want to choose the size & material. This particular journal has many options from pocket-sized all the way to A4.

Material: 70 gsm, acid-free, ivory, lined. Also comes with the Moleskine history and “if lost” card.

Price: $22.02 USD

Get the Moleskine Classic Notebook on Amazon.

5. Muji Paper Notebook

Muji Notebook

Muji is a very aesthetic Japanese brand that sells everything from stationery to household goods. This means they also sell notebooks. Most of their products are also made in Japan making them a higher quality brand. 

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Best suited for: Muji is a Japanese minimalist brand. If you're a guy who’s into minimalism I suggest this Muji journal (along with their other products). 

Material:  Paper

Price: $3

Get the Muji Paper Notebook here. 

6. The Daily Gratitude Journal For Men

Daily Gratitude Journal For Men

According to Positive Psychology, gratitude journaling is proven to increase happiness and mood, improve your sleep, strengthen relationships, and much more. The daily gratitude journal for men helps you achieve all of these benefits. The journal is built to be 90 days long with profound quotes and exercises at each stage.

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Best suited for: Men who want to practice gratitude. If you lack direction with journaling I suggest trying this guided method first. 

Material: N/A

Price: $11.99 USD

Get the Daily Gratitude Journal for Men on Amazon.

7. Self Journal by Best Self

Self Journal

By now you’ve probably realized the best journals are the ones that guide you to improve your life. Free journals are great, however, the guided ones can have a profound impact on your life. The Self Journal is one of those journals that will definitely help you. 


Best suited for: Men interested in smashing their goals. Especially those who are trying to get into monk mode

Material: Thick 100g white ivory paper

Price: $31.99 USD

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8. Gratitude Journal For Men

The Gratitude Journal for men is a great investment for guys that want a high-quality journal with prompts. Each page contains specific prompts, quotes, and ideas to guide your work. The hardcover and 136 pages mean it will last for months.

Best suited for: Men interested in building a daily gratitude journaling habit.

Material: 136-page hardcover

Price: $13.69 USD

Buy the Gratitude Journal For Men on Amazon.

9. Moonster Travel Journal 

Moonster Travel Journal

The Moonster Travel journal boasts almost 10,000 reviews on amazon, with 85% five-star reviews. It’s a thick rustic journal with loads of character. If you’re looking for a gift this isn’t a bad idea. 

Best suited for: Men looking for a high-quality, handmade journal. The materials along with the craftsmanship of this journal are unmatched. 

Material: Genuine Water Buffalo Leather Cover With Tree-Free Acid-Free Paper

Price: $29.95 USD

Get the Moonster journal from Amazon.


Whether you plan to buy a journal for yourself or gift it to a man in your life, I recommend taking action now. Journaling has too many benefits to ignore. 

There are no other investments with an ROI as high as journaling. 

Here are the nine best journals for men:

  1. Mind Journal
  2. Clear Habit Journal
  3. Thinkers Smart Notebook
  4. Moleskine Classic Notebook
  5. Muji Paper Notebook
  6. The Daily Gratitude Journal
  7. Self Journal by BestSelf
  8. Gratitude Journal For Men
  9. Moonster Travel Journal

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