My Top Travel Accessories for Men Who Want Comfort & Style (2024)

I've done a fair amount of traveling in the past twelve months.

Some of my flights have only been a short 1.5 hours whereas others have been over 9 hours.

And I've come to appreciate the importance of having handy travel accessories.

I've explored everything from the right travel bag to the perfect neck pillow.

I've even tried various earplugs to help me sleep when I don't want to listen to music.

So here's a list of travel accessories I think every man should think about taking with him on his next flight.

Antler Carry On Suitcase (With Pocket)


If you had asked me whether I believed in carry-on suitcases a few years ago I would have immediately said "No". I thought they were overpriced, unnecessary, and annoying to lug around. However, I've changed my mind since recent updates to their design. Especially since they now have front pockets/pouches for your laptop, passport, or other bits and pieces you need to access quickly. I think they're stylish and incredibly easy to push around. A backpack will hurt your shoulders and make your flight uncomfortable. If you can, opt for the carry-on suitcase.

Loop Quiet Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Loop Quiet Noise Cancelling Earplugs (White)

This might be an unexpected item on the list but hear me out. Sometimes I don't want to sleep with AirPods on since they become uncomfortable after a a few hours. These Loop earplugs are lightweight, comfortable, mostly soundproof, and pretty cheap. Since traveling with them last year I can't imagine going anywhere without them. I have a few pairs and I take them everywhere.

Travel Cable Organizer Bag

I was skeptical of cable organizers at first until I bought one from Temu for less than $10. It's lightweight, handy, easy to organize, and very helpful. If you have multiple devices, including a smartwatch I think you should invest in a small travel cable organizer bag. You can keep literally every cable or electronic accessory in one organized place.

Any Comfortable Sleep Mask

Traveling with a sleep mask has been a game-changer for me. Firstly, it helps block out any unwanted light, whether it's from cabin lights on a plane or sunlight filtering into my hotel room. I take my sleep pretty seriously so this ensures I can sleep regardless of my surroundings. It takes up the least amount of room (apart from my ear plugs) making it a convenient essential for any trip. They're also fairly cheap so I suggest purchasing one as soon as you can.

AirPod Pro's

Apple AirPod Pros

This goes without saying but if you need a reminder, be sure to have a pair of noise-cancelling earphones. I prefer AirPods since I'm an Apple user but you can choose whichever is best for you. The point is that airports and airplanes can be loud and chaotic. There's nothing better than putting these on and drowning out your surroundings. Since they're small and easy to carry you can store them in your pocket or side bag (see my favorite one below).

Bellroy Sling Mini

Bellroy Sling Bag Mini (Black)

If you've read any of my other articles you might have expected me to mention this already. If not, read the 54 things every man should own in his lifetime. I think they're versatile, comfortable, and stylish. You can wear them when you’re out and about or use them for your travel accessories. My favorite is the Bellroy Sling Mini, I keep my keys, glasses, AirPods, wallet, and lighter in here. You can also store your passport and boarding pass here as well (it will fit).

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

This is one of those bulky products I tend to avoid but hear me out. Firstly, this is genuinely one of the most comfortable travel pillows I could find within my budget. And secondly, it fits into a travel pack that you can clip onto your bag or store in your carry-on luggage pretty easily. The cover is made from 100% polyester, while the pillow is made from 100% polyurethane memory foam. It's fairly easy to clean and holds its shape for long-haul flights too. I'd highly recommend trying this instead of spending money on cheaper alternatives.

Baseball Cap

New Era Baseball Cap

I have curly hair so whenever I sleep or rest my head on something it messes up my style. I always make sure I have a cap with me just in case I doze off and wake up with a new hairstyle. Plus a baseball cap is genuinely stylish and easy to fit into a suitcase or clip onto a side bag. Otherwise, you can simply just wear it the whole time.

Apple Airtags

Ever watched those Tiktok videos of baggage handlers wrestling luggage and dropping a few bags? I have and I don't want that happening to my luggage. This is why I have Airtags in all of my bags. Not only can your luggage be misplaced, it can get stolen pretty easily in airports. For the peace of mind AirTags offer I think they're worth the price.


If you're travelling internationally do your best not to forget your passport. Nothing else on this list matters if you don't have the one thing you need to travel. I like to keep it in my side bag or pocket at all times just in case.

Don't forget to avoid items when travelling

I've covered some of my favorite traveling accessories but I think it's equally important to know what not to travel with. I've found that half the battle is saying no to things I think I need to travel with. Here are my top items to avoid:

  • Bulky items: Trust me, just avoid all heavy accessories that take up unnecessary space or add weight to your luggage. You don't need every single item you own with you (or on you).
  • Unnecessary electronics: Skip any item with limited utility or redundant functions when you're in the sky. You don't need every device you own like your iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Switch, or Macbook. Just pick one or two and roll with it.
  • Valuables: Don't travel with expensive watches or jewelry unless it's on you. Avoid keeping these in your carry-on even if you think it's the safest spot. Leave it at home or store it in your check-in luggage.
  • Excessive clothing/shoes: Limit the number of outfits and pairs of shoes to essentials, as overpacking will weigh you down and make navigating airports or hotels cumbersome. I still struggle with this but it's worth calling out.
  • Single-use items: Avoid packing single-use accessories, such as plastic water bottles or travel-sized toiletries, to minimize waste.
  • Full water bottles: I always forget that you can't bring a bottle of water through security. If you want to travel with your water bottle bring a small one that's empty.