16 Best Long-Term Side Hustles For Men To Earn More Money

So you’ve decided you need a side hustle.

But you know that not all side hustles make sense. Baking cakes or becoming a makeup artist aren’t exactly appealing to most men.  

The good news is that I’m here to help! I’ve been building, buying, and selling side hustles for the last eight years. This means I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a profitable and fun side hustle.

My most recent side gig, Ticker Nerd, was an investing newsletter that was later acquired by an internet company called Finder.

In this guide, I’ll break down the best side hustles for men. I’ll also explore other considerations such as physical vs internet-based side hustles, how to choose a side hustle for long-term success, and the skills/traits you’ll need to crush it.

Firstly, what makes a good side hustle for men?

This is one of the most important considerations when choosing a side hustle. 

It’s also a very nuanced topic.

Most men make the mistake of choosing a side hustle because it’ll pay them the fastest. Gigs like landscaping or Uber driving will usually pay off immediately. Whereas building a blog or starting a garbage removal business take a lot of time.

But what if the more lucrative side hustles could eventually become a larger business and earn you passive income? 

Wouldn’t you want to explore this before committing to something else?

Sometimes we need to enter monk mode and get really deep into something so we can see the fruits of our labor.

Whenever I’m choosing a side hustle I always make sure it matches these basic criteria:

  1. It has the potential to replace your income 
  2. It can eventually be outsourced to someone else
  3. The skills I learn won’t go to waste if the side hustle doesn’t work out
  4. It’s in a growing or recession-proof industry (think software or rubbish removal)

If you keep this in mind when deciding on a side hustle you’ll choose a more long-term option.

Internet-based vs physical side-hustles for men. Which is best for you?

When researching side hustles you’re inevitably going to explore internet vs physical side hustles. 

Some of the most lucrative ways for men to make extra are online. But this doesn’t mean it’s the right option for you.

You wouldn’t buy a car without comparing it to others, weighing up the pros and cons, and getting the opinions of others. A side hustle shouldn’t be treated any differently. 

Internet-based side hustles

Internet-based side hustles are becoming more popular now that working from home is mainstream. Employees across the globe are saving time commuting and using that spare time to work on a side hustle. 

Here are the pros and cons of an internet-based side hustle. 

✅ Can work remotely (great if you have a full-time job)❌ The learning curve is steep
✅ You can use the time spent on public transport to work on the side hustle❌ Information overload can overwhelm you when getting started resulting in less action
✅ You don’t have to be physically present when the money is made❌ Takes significantly longer to see your first cheque 
✅ Usually scalable meaning there’s no hard cap on the amount of money you could make❌ Highly competitive market
✅ If built properly you could sell the business at a large multiple (I did this, see here)

Physical side hustles

These are sometimes referred to as a sweaty startup. This means they’re physical in nature and require a bit of “sweat equity” to get them going. Whether it’s knocking on doors, cold calling, or handing out flyers. The service you perform is also physical such as landscaping or high-pressure washing.

✅ Usually more straightforward and easy to learn❌ Need to be physically present on-site to conduct the job
✅ Faster to make your first cheque  ❌ Can be physically taxing (an injury can prevent you from earning)
✅ Less competition since most people prefer the easy or online options❌ Hard cap on how much money you can make
✅ Labour shortages across western countries make this a safer bet❌ Your location determines which services are required most

16 Best Side Hustle Ideas For Men To Explore

1. Relocation or Removal Services

Junk removal and relocation services are in high demand and becoming increasingly popular amongst young men.

They’re also very closely related since you need a truck or van to do them. Regardless of where you live, removal and relocation services are always required!

According to Starter Story, there are four men earning anywhere from $4k/m to $41k/m with their removal services. 


I would recommend this as a side hustle for the following reasons:

  • In a recession-proof industry
  • Already successful men doing it
  • It can be built into a much larger business
  • You don’t need any specific qualification to get started
  • You could very easily hire a contractor to do the work for you

2. Lyft & Uber Driver

Becoming a rideshare driver can seem like an easy option. And for the most part, it is!

You can hop into your car when you have spare time and drive people around until you don’t feel like it anymore. 

According to salary.com, Uber drivers earn anywhere between US$15 - $22 an hour. In some countries, you can even receive a $750 sign-on bonus when you complete 30 trips. This could easily be done in a couple of days. 

If you need extra money fast and have a decent car this isn’t a bad side hustle to pick up. However, I will note that it’s not scalable. You’re essentially picking up a more flexible second job. 

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model every man hears about in his quest to build wealth.

I first heard about dropshipping in 2018 and I thought it was amazing. This is because I really didn’t know how it worked. 

When I was 19 years old I launched my first dropshipping business on eBay. It was very successful for a couple of months until I got banned. 


The business model itself will allow you to work anywhere anytime. On paper, it’s the perfect side hustle for digital nomads. The earning potential is also uncapped, it really depends on your business and how big you want to scale it.

Dropshipping is a great segway to building a legitimate eCommerce business. However, it is very competitive and requires deep knowledge of paid marketing strategies and business acumen. I don’t suggest going into this unless you spend a lot of time learning digital marketing and product validation. 

4. Rental arbitrage 

This is one of the more lucrative yet risky side gigs. The idea is to lease a property (as if you’re the one living in it) and then list it on Airbnb to make a return on the rent. Once you're an Airbnb host you're able to list your property.

You can make some good money with this. However, it’s very risky. 

The fact you’ll be signing a legally binding lease for a fixed period of time means you’re liable for the rent no matter what. So if you can’t find anyone to book your Airbnb you’ll still need to pay…

One of the comments in the r/sidehustle subreddit sums it up very well.

I was able to do it successfully but I was 28 with a very stable job, handyman skills, and high credit score, makes me come off as trustworthy. Your first one is the hardest to get and since landlords have such a high volume of qualified applicants they don’t have much of a reason to rent to you vs. long term tenant. My pitch was always I take care of all maintenance items, you’re never gonna get a call on a Friday night about a clogged toilet or loose cabinet knob. So a hands off landlord preferably who lives out of state is your top target. You’ll never be able to convince a property management company to let you you sublet , only a private landlord. Also it’s not automated at all, it’s a lot of work to furnish, rent, deal with guests, and manage turnover. If you don’t get it rented you lose money fast. Good luck.”reiguy73, r/sidehustles

If you already have a stable job, savings, handyman skills, and good business acumen then this could be a great side hustle. However, it’s important to consider the legal implications and rules before committing to this. 

5. Freelancing 

This is one of my favorite side hustles because you can kill two birds with one stone. 

Firstly, you can learn a skill that will help you long term. Secondly, you’ll be able to earn additional income on the side. 

There are many types of freelancers you could do:

  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Accountants
  • Digital Marketers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Graphic Designers 
  • Software developers
  • Copywriters (I'm a freelance writer)

The list goes on but you get the point. In terms of earning potential, it really depends on how you decide to charge. I charge on a value-based methodology so my income isn’t tied to the number of hours I work. 

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To get started with freelancing try looking at top-performing categories on Upwork and Marketer Hire

6. Niche blogging

Blogging is a very lucrative side hustle.

This personal blog is an example of that. I mostly write blog posts about marketing, copywriting, side-hustles, software reviews, and personal development. However, I also have a consulting page where I direct leads for my copywriting business.

A perfect example of a niche blogging site that’s been monetized well is WFH Advisor. This was covered in a weekly eBizFacts email where it sold for “34x monthly revenue multiple”. It’s estimated that the site was earning approximately $4,000/m meaning the sale price was roughly $136,000.


This is a side hustle anyone can pick up but it’s important to note there will be a learning curve. Learning how to write content, outsource it, improve traffic through SEO, affiliate marketing etc. It’ll all play into how successful the site is. 

7. Landscaping

Landscaping is pretty straightforward. Most men have probably done this around their own house at some point. 

The good money is usually made on the additional services you offer. If you only cut people's lawns you’re leaving a lot on the table. According to Take A Yard, there are many additional services landscapers can offer. They include

  • Lawn Care & Trimming
  • Tree & Shrub Planting (and removal)
  • Rockeries
  • Gardening & Weed Control
  • Mulching
  • Outdoor Pest Control
  • Pesticide Application
  • Yard Cleaning & Waste Disposal
  • Car Washing
  • Snow & Ice Clearance
  • Yard Decoration (think Halloween or Christmas)
  • Holiday Watering

The easiest way to figure out what to charge for your services is to call 5-10 landscapers in your area. Ask them for their rates and services, then pick a price somewhere in the middle for the services you’re comfortable offering.

8. Drone photography 

Drones footage is on the upswing. This includes everything from real estate listings to wedding footage. If you buy a high-quality drone and learn to use it you could leverage it to make a lot of cash!

Here are all the ways you could leverage your drone:

  • Weddings
  • aerial mapping
  • Film footage for real estate listings
  • Selling stock photos or images of nice scenery
  • Promotional content for physical businesses that rely on foot traffic

This space is competitive though, according to Sweaty Startup, the key differentiator is going to be sales and marketing. You’ll need to nail this if you want to win clients that pay well.

“SALES AND MARKETING AND NETWORKING. If you can do this stuff and master it you’ll be different. You are generally competing against artists with visions. You aren’t competing against salesmen. That needs to be your play. Focus on sales and getting uncomfortable and building relationships and ASKING for business and you will thrive.”Nick Huber - Sweaty Startup

9. English teacher 

If you’re over 18 and a native English speaker (or very close) you can become an English teacher on the side.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone since teaching is a skill and requires a more extroverted personality. However, it’s very easy to do with sites such as Cambly or VIPKid. Generally, the criteria to be accepted as an English teacher are holding a bachelor's degree and a TESOL certificate. 

When it comes to earning potential you can expect anywhere between $15/hr - $25/hr. This isn’t necessarily bad but keeps in mind that it’s not scalable. You’ll only be paid based on the hours you can work.

10. User-testing

Product testers are helpful when you’re trying to get feedback on a product or service. They’re responsible for using the product or service and providing feedback throughout the journey. It’s usually recorded so the company can analyze the results and improve its product.

It might sound insignificant but tech companies such as Uber, Slack, and Spotify are routinely engaging these services to get feedback on their products. 

I’ve personally engaged with testers from User Brain and User Testing. Both services are great.

Here are all the reasons this makes for such a good side hustle:

  1. It can be done on your phone or laptop
  2. You can do as many or as few tests as you want
  3. Testing usually takes less than 30 minutes (not much effort involved)

Most of these services will pay you in USD directly to your Paypal account. The average payout is $10 per 20-minute test. However, this can vary depending on complexity and company.

11. Tutoring

Tutoring was one of my first-ever side gigs!

After I finished school with almost perfect grades it was an obvious option to me. I needed extra cash so I figured I would tutor my favorite subjects, economics, and maths. 

If your grades are good and you have a knack for teaching I highly recommend this. 

You can easily advertise on Craigslist, Gumtree, or even tutoring platforms such as Take a Lesson or Wyzant

Word of mouth is an easy way to grow your client base as well. There's no need to spend time learning digital marketing and sales since. I’m not saying this won’t help but it definitely won’t make or break your tutoring side hustle. Running Facebook ads won’t convert clients. 

12. Personal training 

This is a great side hustle for men. The money can be good but the networking opportunities are worth their weight in gold. 

Here are all the indirect benefits of being a personal trainer:

  • Learn from your clients
  • Meet girls easily since you’re an authority in the gym
  • Make extra money whilst also staying fit and healthy
  • Can eventually start an online course or coaching business

According to salary.com, in 2022 the average salary for a personal trainer in the United States is $64,259. However, the range typically falls between $46,354 and $78,936. There are many factors that would play into this but the money ain't bad!

There is a barrier to entry though. You’ll likely need some form of a certificate and training before you can start coaching people on their fitness journey. This will generally change based on country or state. 

13. Dog Walking

This one is pretty self-explanatory. 

It's fun, you make extra cash and you don’t have the responsibility of the dog once you’re finished. 

What’s not to like about being a dog walker?

As with most of the side hustles discussed, the real money is made with upsells. When it comes to dog walking you can charge a higher rate for additional services including:

  • Carrying your own poop bags
  • Offering treats for good behavior
  • Offering overnight care for pets during holidays
  • Grooming the dog before you drop it back home

The easiest way to get started with this is to apply on Wag Walking. The platform has thousands of dogs that need to be walked or looked after each week. They also facilitate dog sitting. So if you have the capacity and need the extra cash you could add dog sitting to the list. 

14. Transcriber or Narrator

This side hustle is one of the more lucrative ones. And it’s definitely not on most men's radars. 

This is because it’s not common knowledge that you could get paid to transcribe or narrate an audiobook. There’s more to using your voice though. You could also do:

  • Video game voiceovers
  • Singing for advertisements
  • YoutTube video voiceovers
  • Translation of books or movies into other languages

ACX is a great starting point for audiobook voiceovers. It’s an easy platform to navigate and you can get paid pretty quickly to narrate audiobooks. The downside is that it’s time-consuming, one book could take you 25 hours to complete. 


If you're after something more lucrative and faster then I highly suggest signing up to Voices.com. If you hone in on your voice-over skills you could easily win some 24hr turnaround gigs. You could earn anywhere from $100 to $15,000 for a single voice-over. 

15. Handyman services 

Handyman services are a great way for men who want to leverage their physical skills to make some extra income. However, the opportunities are sometimes limited to the specific services in demand where you live. 

Some great handyman services include

  • Pressure washing
  • Small tree/shrub removal (see Landscaping above)
  • Small tree removal
  • Car detailing 
  • Pool cleaning

The easiest way to find customers is to list your services or bid on open jobs through marketplaces such as Airtasker, Craigslist, Yelp, Task Rabbit, and Angie. It’s hard to know just how much you can make with this since location, service, and experience plays a big role in your prices. I will note that this side hustle is a great pathway for men to build a longer-term business. 

16. Photographer & Videographer 

Whilst this might seem similar to drone photographers it’s different. A photographer or videographer may also want to offer drone services but photography is a skill that needs to be acquired. 

Photos and videos are required by almost every single business at some point. It could be for a website, marketing material, or a product listing, the options are endless.

This is one of the few side hustles that require digital and physical knowledge. You’ll need to figure out how to land clients in the same way you’ll need to figure out how to take professional photos. There is a steep learning curve but the payoff could be worth it.

Pro tip: eCommerce businesses are booming. This means more product photography is required. Soona Studios is a brand that nails this! You can easily apply their model to your own local photography business. 

Which skills and traits are required to grow any side hustle?

Building a side hustle is a difficult endeavor.

The very nature of a side hustle is that you have a small amount of time, energy, and money to invest. This means there are core skills and traits you must acquire for the best chance of success. 

Resilience: This is by far the most important trait to possess. It’s the ability to continue trying even in the face of adversity. Tim Grover expresses just how important this is in his book “Winning”. It’s likely your first side hustle won’t be the most successful, but if you don’t have any resilience it’ll very likely be your last. 

Digital marketing & sales: Side hustles can be very competitive, especially the ones with low barriers to entry. One of the biggest differentiators you can possess is advanced marketing and sales skills. The most challenging part of any business is making consistent sales. 

Business acumen: Most of the time a side hustle is still a business. Just because it’s small doesn't mean you shouldn’t run it properly. You need to be disciplined with processes, finances, and other basic business tasks. The bigger your side hustle gets the more important this will become.

Best side hustle communities for men to join

When starting a side hustle you’re going to have hundreds of questions and eventually turn to forums to get them answered. 

Here are three groups men should join if they want inspiration or advice for their side hustles:

Closing remarks

There are loads of side hustles you could choose as a man. 

And all of the ones listed above are going to make you money. 

The real question is “Which side hustle has the most long-term upside?”

You could argue for and against the side hustles listed but at the end of the day it’s on you to choose the one you’re most interested in. There’s going to be a steep learning curve and a lot of work before you can start making money.